Consumer trend: Clean agricultural products

Thuy, like many other consumers, is currently on the rise in the use of clean agricultural products. Nguyen Thi Van, from Kim Ma Street (Ba Dinh, Hanoi), said that organic products may cost a little more, but when using, we are completely assured of the quality. Therefore, for a long time, all kinds of fruits I have bought at the locations selling organic produce.

According to the survey results of the Vietnam Association of High Quality Goods, consumers are increasingly interested in quality, tend to choose safe organic products and products. Provinces and businesses are catching up with this trend when 33/63 provinces and cities now develop organic agricultural models with an area of ??more than 76,600 hectares, an increase of 3.6 times compared to 2010. About 60 enterprises and production facilities have invested in organic agriculture - an area considered to have many advantages to develop in Vietnam ... In addition, up to 88% of consumers are aware and peace of mind to buy products with high quality Vietnamese brand logos, ISO, VietGAP certificates ...

Catch the trend

It can be seen that, with increasing income, consumers also have a higher demand for using high quality food products. According to Nguyen Huy Hoang, Commercial Director of Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam, consumer spending trends in the near future are concentrated in organic products, nutritious products, fruits and commodities. fast consumption. "The first choice of consumers will be good products for health, so clean agricultural products and organic foods will be the first choice" - Mr. Hoang said and said that manufacturers, Farmers and businesses should pay attention to clear labeling, propagating the health benefits from the product to consumers.

In fact, many agricultural enterprises are now investing more heavily in processing, diversifying production, linking together ... in order to supply clean products to meet the growing needs of the market. For example, Hoa Vien farm with 160 hectares in Thach That, Hanoi, Dai Ngan vegetable production has 10 hectares certified Organic USDA of the United States, currently providing clean vegetables to thousands of customers. But besides that, the farm also has a big revenue from raising wild boar and is beginning to cultivate more herbs and provide farm tourism services to optimize customer exploitation.

According to the sharing of Mr. Nguyen Xuan Vinh, Director of FoodHub Company, in addition to investing in new technologies, diversifying products, manufacturers are connecting and uniting with each other to supply to the market many products. quality products, meeting the increasing demands of consumers.

However, according to the opinion of experts in the agricultural sector, Vietnamese agricultural products are still in small production, so the control of post-harvest processing is still weak, besides information about the market to develop agricultural imports. Because the products are not updated and mastered, the products are often self-produced and do not meet the standards for export to foreign countries.

Therefore, experts recommend that it is necessary to have close links between manufacturers and businesses so that the two sides can support technology and market information for each other. With the participation of businesses, businesses will play the role of a provider of capital, information about the market, manufacturers will accordingly provide products according to what the market needs, is lacking, thereby will avoid fragmented production, spontaneous small retail ... like last time.

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